Graco Playard : Be Aware

Graco Pack’n Play comes with a bassinet and playard. More than the bassinet, the playard was very useful as it acted like a small room for my toddler to play around safe with his toys. The playard gave me some time off and was the sole reason why I was able to have my lunch in peace.

But as it was very convenient it also became a habit to drop my toddler in there and do the household chores. The one thing I realized in meantime is his mobility decreased as his sitting around exploring new toys increased. My second realization came as a shock to me as I found hairpins, small ludo game pieces in the playard. My 10 month old was teething and had the habit of putting anything and everything into his mouth. These small stuff pose so much threat as it can easily get struck in his throat and choke him. You might ask

How did all these stuff end up in the playard?

When you have a family get together at home and that too with kids jumping around, you have no control on what goes into the playard. The playard becomes a junk + toys storage area.

Checklist items:

  • To check the playard every morning thoroughly before placing toddler inside the playard.
  • To limit the time in the playard and allow him/her to move freely in home ensuring that the required childproofing is done.

Additional Info:

If you would like to know about childproofing for toddlers, the below link would be of help.

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