Little Tikes Fun Treehouse

We got The Little Tikes Light ‘n Go Activity Garden Treehouse as a gift from one of my cousins and must say it is a good choice for sitters and toddlers. There are many things on this treehouse to explore and discover.

Right now he enjoys ladybug clickers, firefly dance party, hanging on the treehouse, somersaulting monkey zipline and ringing the door bell. Whenever he turns on the firefly dance party, he puts his hands on firefly lights and tries to figure out what it is all about. He has figured out how to open the mail box and becomes very happy if he finds something inside it. He even does a high jump over the giraffe race course & welcome door. Not to mention the Toucan ball feeder, he like to knock it off for some reason, guess he doesn’t like Toucan’s face!


This treehouse also functions as a merry-go-round, peek a boo toy and as a teether. My DS goes around the treehouse happily dodging the food I try to feed him. The giraffe’s ears has become a teether for him and he has even scraped some of the brown paint off it.

On the whole, this is a one of a kind activity treehouse and sitters/toddlers will sure have fun.

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