Snoofy Bee : Makes diaper changing easy!

“Necessity is the mother of invention” proverb holds true for these parents who came up with a brilliant solution after struggling hard to change their kids’ diapers dodging a messy intervention.


Snoofy Bee

I was 8 months pregnant when I came across Snoofy Bee in web. I had heard many stories from parents by then on how messy it would become when they tried to change their babies’ diapers. So I thought of giving Snoofy Bee priced at $29.99 a try and placed the order for the Chevron-Deluxe design. I received it within a week and must say it looked pretty. I guess I started using Snoofy Bee when my DS was 4 months old and boy diaper changing was so easy and the next 6 months I had no problem in changing his dirty diapers. I was at peace, he was at peace. With the right tools your job and life becomes so much easier and saves you a lot of time. What is so cool about Snoofy bee is that :

  • Firstly it acts as an extra pair of hands and keeps your little sweetu bundle in place.
  • Secondly, it also provides a provision to include his favourite toy inside thereby engaging him and giving you ample time to change his diapers.
  • Thirdly, the material used for making Snoofy Bee makes it easy to clean, wash and dry in case there is a spill.
  • Last but not the least once you are done changing diapers, you can plan for next happy diaper changing experience by keeping a fresh diaper and disposable bag ready inside Snoofy Bee and fold it like a purse.

All in all, this product is god sent and a must have in your diaper bag!

Additional Info:

To know more about Snoofy Bee, please explore the below link.

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