Toddler & Kids Park : Rotary Play Garden

I thought playspace in parks were mundane until my eyes fell in Rotary Play Garden in San jose. What a creative and amazingly designed playspace. Kudos to the designers for their time and effort. The playspace is wide and the whole area has the soft padded rubber mulch surfacing ensuring that the kids don’t get hurt when they fall. The park has been designed keeping all ages groups in mind.


There are many swings. The one that stands out is car seat like swing with belts such that even your 4 or 5 month old can enjoy it.

Rock climbing:

There are various inclined degrees for little budding rock climbers.Rock climbing zone was my favorite as my toddler enjoys climbing things and I was happy to introduce him to his very first rock climbing experience.

Double seat Seesaw:

This Double seat Seesaw we experienced is so cool as you can place and safely hold your toddler by sitting behind him and enjoy the seesaw at the same time.

You will also see many airplanes flying close by as the park is very close to San Jose airport  . In one hour of time we spent there we saw around 4-5 airplanes up close. Kids of age group 2-5 will have more fun as they have set of climbing and hanging activities like rope nets, trampoline jumps etc.

The only thing that’s disappointing is the park doesn’t have much shade and closes by 6.30pm during summer.

Checklist items

Don’t forget your Sunscreen and Hats.

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