18 month olds!

It is been long since I wanted to post mommy stuff  but my 18 month old tot is giving me a one hell of a time.

There are few things I have figured out and few I am still in the process of doing so on how to handle my tot. Thought of sharing my experiences and joys.


One thing that eats me up is I am still not able to make him sleep through the night. He wakes up for milk twice which is fine but in addition to that he is either teething or he has a nightmare or he has a stuffy nose or he is uncomfortable cause of gas and needs me to burp him. The list is endless and sometimes it is sum of all that together in the night which makes my head spin. I am trying to address each of his concerns to help him sleep better. Will update in a month if my efforts made any difference.

Hitting & Biting

I have read about 18 month olds temper tantrums and I can’t agree more. My goody goody tot changed into a rebellious one overnight. Even a simple task like changing diapers seems to take forever. I have also noticed that if I don’t give him the attention he expects then he tends to show his frustration by either hitting or biting me, which is not the case otherwise. I am in the process of making him understand the pain he is causing me when he hits or bites and that is not the way to seek attention. It seems like he is able to understand cause he tries to lighten me up instantly, but have not been successful in make him stop it all together. Guess it is just a phase which will pass.

The art of saying NO

Saying ‘No’ to a toddler makes him want to do that stuff more. I guess instead of shouting and showing dominance, if we can find a way around for them, we would be more successful in our endeavors.

My tot can’t even accept a drop of water on the floor and would immediately like to wipe it off with his hand. Me saying ‘No’ to him didn’t make any difference until I provided an alternative to him-‘Napkin’. Now he asks for a Napkin to wipe the drop off the floor 🙂  These small victories make my day.

Being careful and alert

Toddlers love to climb up, crawl under, run, hide and what not. It is important to keep educating them how to carefully move around without getting hurt and be vigilant at the same time. It is not too early for them to understand.

I have seen my tot carefully crawl under and away from the table without getting hit after I demonstrated him how to do so. But I am still vigilant each time he crawls under the table just to be sure.

My tot also like to jump and run on bed, but when he comes to corner of bed I ask him to be careful and command him to sit down immediately to prevent him from falling down. Now I see him sit and get down the proper way from bed. So they do understand.

The more we teach, the more they learn 🙂

Next week I am planning to start Potty Training and stop milk completely in the night!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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