Good Night’s Sleeper

So as I had said earlier in my previous post 18 months olds, I would like to update on my tot sleep training. I have atlast made my tot sleep through the night.

These are the key insights I had gained in the process.

  • Don’t force your tot to go to bed at 9pm by rocking him or singing him songs. Set the mood though by dimming the lights, reminding him it is time to sleep and act as though you have already slept. This worked wonders for me as my tot slept within half an hour of this act and didn’t wake up often in the night as he wasn’t forced to sleep in the first place.
  • The second thing that I did to ensure a good night’s sleep for my tot is to stop soothing him each time he wakes up and wait patiently till he self soothes himself.  Though his cries were very hard to resist initially , he eventually calmed down and slept. I came across an interesting article about self soothing and I couldn’t agree more. I am sharing the same here hoping that it might be of help to some.
  • Lastly I had stopped giving him milk completely in the night and I always keep a bottle of water instead near him so that he can drink water whenever he feels like drinking milk. I also ensure I keep it in a place where he can see it so that he doesn’t require my help when he needs the bottle.

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