I am so relieved to say that my toddler is at last potty trained. I have been trying to make him understand on and off since he was 18 months and struck a chord only by end of 22 months.

Baby Bjorn Smart Potty
Baby Bjorn Smart Potty

My tot never got it right with Baby Bjorn Smart Potty. First I tried to train him to sit in Potty only when he gets Poop, cause I felt once he can understand that, he will in due course Pee there as well. I used to ask in general what he must do when he gets Poop and he will show me the Smart Potty and say “Go Potty”. But when the actual moment arises he won’t sit in the potty even if I insist and would rather like to mess up the carpet. I read him Potty books, kept reminding him but still he wont sit in the Smart Potty.

Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Soft Potty Seat
Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Soft Potty Seat

I was looking for other ways to train him cause this Smart Potty clearly wasn’t working out. That when my eyes fell on Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies Soft Potty Seat. He was so excited when I got him the seat and moreover he was able to relate one of the characters to a toddler he often sees in the park and started calling the Potty seat by his name. Now he is willing to sit in the Potty seat:)

I made it a habit for him, the first thing in the morning, to sit in the Potty seat irrespective of whether he had the sensation to Pee or Poo. Eventually one or other would turn up and he would be flooded with kisses from me for achieving the same. The concept of Potty dawned on him.

To my surprise now he is willing to sit even in Baby Bjorn Smart Potty when need arises. But accidents do happen once a while especially when he does screen time as he seems to be totally involved in the videos than his bodily sensations.

I still make him wear diapers when we go to park or when he takes a nap but otherwise my lovey tot is POTTY TRAINED!

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